Noah Frese is working as an artist in Hamburg, GER


Noah Frese explores old encrusted wounds in his artistic work – in films, drawings, prints and paintings. Brought on by strangers and lovers, in a system designed to hurt the maladjusted and forget the weak. The courage it takes to look into these abysses of the human psyche is the price of his artistic inspiration. 

Minimalist and bare, Noah Frese’s work nevertheless depicts complex visual inner landscapes. Always in loving reflection of himself, yet inextricably linked to a political stance. A desperate attempt to endure the injustice of this society. In constant hope that individual suffering and self-love are allowed.

His preoccupation with the human body stems from the always unsatisfied urge to find out what is hidden behind the organic crust of skin, bones and muscles. The visual impressions that emerge may feel stiff, possibly unpleasant, or forbiddenly intimate to some.

– Luisa Frühling